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Why Should You Consider a Zoning System for Your Home

Why Should You Consider a Zoning System for Your HomeInstalling a zoning system can dramatically improve comfort and energy efficiency year-round. This is especially true if you live in a home where single-zone heating and cooling aren’t quite doing the job.

How Zoning Systems Work

To create independent heating and cooling zones in a home, an experienced HVAC pro installs motorized dampers to section off the air ducts. Separate thermostats are installed to control each section, and these are all run to a centrally located control panel. From the panel, you can adjust the temperature and comfort level in each zone to match occupancy and your daily routine. The number of thermostats and dampers installed is determined by the home’s size and configuration.

Zoning is ideal for large or multiple story homes. It’s also beneficial for homes with specific features that make temperature control difficult like cathedral ceilings, numerous large windows, a sun room, a loft or newly constructed home additions.

Benefits of Zoned Systems

Zoning offers a number of benefits compared to heating and cooling the entire house with one thermostat:

  • Enhanced comfort – A zoning system gives you precise control over the comfort level in occupied areas of the home, effectively eliminating temperature variations and hot or cold spots. A zoning system and an HVAC system equipped with a variable-speed air handler used together can also improve humidity control and air quality.
  • Energy savings – A zoning system boosts heating and cooling efficiency by minimizing energy waste in less frequently used rooms. When programmable thermostats are incorporated into the system, you can schedule strategic temperature setbacks in the living areas and boost energy savings by another 30 percent.
  • Greater reliability – With zoned heating and cooling, the air conditioner, furnace or heat pump isn’t running at full capacity every time it cycles on. This puts less strain and wear on critical components, reducing the risk of breakdowns and extending the equipment’s expected life span.

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